Hello world!

I am a Herman Goldstine postdoctoral fellow at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights. I am also a visiting scholar at the Wharton Operations, Information, and Decisions Department, where I will be joining as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2018. I completed my PhD in Stanford's Electrical Engineering department under the supervision of Mohsen Bayati. Previously, I graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 2012 with a A.M. in physics, and a A.B. in physics and mathematics.

My primary research interests center around (a) optimizing service operations by developing novel data-driven statistical decision-making tools using techniques from machine learning, and (b) designing improved performance-based contracts using detailed outcomes data on strategic firms and workers. I'm particularly interested in healthcare applications where cost and quality pose serious concerns, and the growing availability of staff and patient data offers an opportunity to significantly improve outcomes through data-driven methods. I find this research particularly exciting as it exposes me to a wide range of techniques, including sequential decision-making, high-dimensional statistics, modeling, and econometrics.